VB ENTERTAINMENTS is an centre with a vision for achieving excellence & leadership position in the field of media education, model co-ordination, talent promotion, model management and media entertainment. The institute strongly believes that a sound basic education armors the learner with the foundation for a confident and successful future.

From being a profession platform for a niche crowd, the media industry today has gained the status to reach out to the masses. The growth in terms of more number of production houses, advertisement agencies, press, television channels, radio channels, fashion houses infusing global fashion trends has resulted in the opening up of media related education and career opportunities in a big way.

VB ENTERTAINMENTS functions as a finishing school, supplying the tools, training & career development resources to guarantee success in this fiercely competitive entertainment industry. The education at VB ENTERTAINMENTS lays emphasis on the practical, interactive methods to equip the candidates for challenging careers in the media industry giving them that extra edge.