Yes, people.. whom Vivek is extremely passionate about.. he finds himself at his best when spending time with them to produce exceptional value for both the profession ie: Media and the people wanting to be the face of it: Actors. Cast consulting repertoire of Guiding aspiring actors through their concerns to make it in media, Grooming them to bring forth their innate strengths be it acting, speech, or presenting themselves before the casting directors, Promoting them to the media industry including Film, TV and Advertising to have a wide base to operate in and Pitching the best amongst them to reputed production houses.


Going through the credentials and a very fruitfull association with the filmdom you are at the right place for your film careers ... He has a very professional approach towards his work and commitments.



Vivek... The ancient texts say means wind, gentle breeze or it's Arab variant defines the name as a jovial companion or a entertainer. Rings true for Mr Bali... Full of versatility and with a innate zest for people and life.